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FLICA Schedules 


Message Crew Members 

Privately and securely message crew members without sharing any personal information.

To promote privacy these messaging is enabled 6 hours prior to 6 hours after your trip. Simply add each other as friends to message unrestricted. 

All built seamlessly into your schedule crew listing.

Invite your crew members seamlessly to AVIcrew! 


Choose your View

Choose between two very unique schedule view

Calendar View- Represents a traditional calendar blue represents flying while grey represents time on the ground.

Trip List View- A more detailed breakdown of your day listed in a vertical format.

Touch on any day to bring up the details page!


Live Data 

Delays, Gates, Aircraft info, Aircraft tracking, Routing, EDTCs, Weather and more.

We overlay all flight live data updated by the second directly onto your schedule for quick reference throughout your day. 

All the information you need in one place. 


Delays, Gates, Aircraft info, Aircraft tracking, Routing, EDTCs, Weather and more.


Logbook- Let us do the work for you! all flight data will be saved on your device for export to any logbook format.

Schedule- Export your schedule to any apple calendar including shared calendars with optional auto updates.

FFDO- Quickly paste your schedule into the dashboard we will do the rest.  

Go beyond our live overlay by touching into a flight we give you a full briefing of your flight.

All briefing data is updated by the second showing you everything in one place. If something changes you'll be the first to know. 


CrewTrac Checkin

One touch checkin for Airlines using CrewTrac 

Currently Spirit Airlines is enabled other Airlines are available by request. Please contact us!

Hotel Details 

View and call your shuttle all seamlessly in your schedule vie.

Hotel data is user provided giving you other crew members insights and recommendations.

Help support your fellow crew members by sharing your hotel experiences

Help us expand our service to your Airline!

Contact us to or let your airline representative know!

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