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  • How long is the free trial?
    AVIcrew comes with a complete full acess 2 month free trial.
  • How do I get a 6 month free trial?
    AVIcrew is pleased to offer any airline new hire a free 6 month full acess free trial! 1. After downloading the app - Go to the settings page. 2. Under Contact - select the new hire prompt. 3. An email will be auto generated with a secure unique ID required to identify you. (we use this to apply the 6 month credit to your device) 4. Attach a photo of your badge for hire date verification. 5. Welcome to the family we will send you a confirmation email. (New hire is defined as within their first year of service from DOH)
  • How do I share my schedule with family?
    AVIcrew has 2 unique way of sharing your schedule with your loved ones. 1. Schedule share in Free Messaging - Have your family member download AVIcrew and create a free messaging account. Once you have added each other as friends, share your schedule with them. Bronze subscription on your device only is requred to share schedules. Family members will not be charged to view schedules. Your family member can quickly acess your schedule from the Schedule tab on the bottom of the app screen. *Family members should not log into FLICA 2. Calendar Export - On the schedules tab, select "Options" on the top left of the screen. Select calendar export to create a copy of your schedule in Apple calendar. Use a shared Apple calendar to share with a family.
  • How do I checkin for my trip on AVIcrew?
    1. On your schedule page select options on the top left of the screen. 2. Select Check in 3. Only on your first check in attempt will you be required to provide your password. (All passwords or stored locally only on your device). 4. Confirm check in 5. If anything needs attention during the process (notification or mandatory emails) these will be presented to you for acknowledgment.
  • Does AVIcrew mark me notified of a schedule change or trip?
    NO - AVIcrew will never mark you notified for any changes to your schedule.
  • Does using check-in mark me notified of changes to my schedule or trip?
    NO - AVIcrew will only display any existing alerts or notifications needing attention during the check-in sequence. You must manually acknowledge these items (if any) before the automated check-in completes. If no items exist, the check-in process proceeds without interruption.
  • Are my messages in AVIcrew encrypted?
    YES - AVIcrew is dedicated to your privacy. All messages and data sent is secured using End-to-End Encryption (E2EE).
  • How does AVIcrew get its hotel data?
    Hotel data is provided by users to provide the most up to date information possible. All users have the ability to add or edit hotel data. We encourage all to participate to help fellow crew members.
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